BW San Francisco from Lens Magazine - Roxanne Bouche Overton

Roxanne Bouché Overton Roxanne Bouché Overton

San Francisco in B&W from Lens Magazine

This collection was published in the December 2017 B&W Issue of Lens Magazine.

In this collection, my muse is San Francisco. The city has endless gifts for photographers. Regardless of the subject, each photograph is made of the same elements. They are the first things I look for and they are the components that I use to build each shot.

The details tell the story, but it is the light, the lines and the shapes that frame it. My philosophy is to keep things simple. I find the heart of the image and shoot only what is necessary. This means that I compose the image first, isolating key elements, and then fine tune it from there.

I find inspiration in the work of other fine art photographers. When I see a photograph I like, I study it and determine all the reasons why I like it. It’s this process of understanding why a photograph is good that keeps me inspired and improves my own work.

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